Medical Equipment

Clad Rex’s vinyl clad metal (“VCM”) is often used to upgrade and enhance our medical equipment customers’ products. Our vinyl clad metal is thicker and stronger than painted metal and the vinyl exteriors create a surface that is scratch resistant, condensation resistant and absorbs and dampens motor noise. Our Vinyl Clad Metal is easily formed into most desired configurations for use on the high wear portions of our customers’ equipment. Vinyl clad metal does not absorb blood or other fluids, and is impervious to repeated cleaning with harsh chemicals. These tough vinyl surfaces are available in a wide array of deep textured colors that can emulate wood, leather, and stone surfaces (see the vinyl options section).

Clad Rex’s flexible manufacturing structure is ideal for short production runs. Our vinyl clad metal works well in the following places:

➧ Medication cabinets and carts
➧ Medical storage units
➧ Acute care carts
➧ Crash carts
➧ Treatment/procedure carts
➧ High wear sections of medical products

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