You may come in contact with Clad Rex’s vinyl clad metal (VCM) every day and not even be aware. Our vinyl clad metal is used in a wide variety of electronic equipment because it is scratch resistant, stronger than painted metal, and is impervious to condensation and heat. Vinyl clad metal is ideal for server racks or printer stands, products that when made of metal can be easily scratched if equipment is moved. Clad Rex’s Vinyl Clad Metal has the appearance of painted metal and can be produced in a variety of colors, but is resistant to scratching unlike painted metal. These tough vinyl surfaces are available in a wide array of deep textured colors that can emulate wood, leather, and stone surfaces (see the vinyl options section).

Clad Rex’s flexible manufacturing structure is ideal for short production runs. Our vinyl clad metal works well in the following places:

➧ CPU enclosures
➧ Server racks
➧ Monitor stands/trim
➧ Printer/scanner stands
➧ Power backup
➧ Surge suppressors
➧ Modems
➧ Speaker enclosures
➧ Video and speaker stands

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