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I just wanted to thank you and the team again for arranging those samples for us. They are going to make it to our client in time for their meeting today. It may seem like a simple task but many times its things like this that are the difference between securing an order and not. Please know that we appreciated it. It all sounds positive and we hope to be able to place an order with you soon.

Aaron E. Sales Manager
Panel Manufacturer

Thank you for understanding our concerns with the shipment, we are trying to watch out for our customer who is the end user of your product. We really appreciate the outstanding customer service and the effort you and the Cladrex team put into making sure we were taken care of, again thank you for getting this situation corrected so quickly. It’s great to have a vendor that values their customer, please keep up the great work!

Matthew N. Purchasing Manager
Metal Fabricator

Material is so much better than previous supplier. So nice to have a Proactive supplier! Thanks for the information.

Mark J. Purchasing Manager
Panel Manufacturer

Customer: Marine ship and oil rig living quarter architectural design firm

Product Challenge: Find a replacement for the interior wall panels used for the living quarters in these units. The fiberglass reinforced plastic laminated plywood panels were heavy, scratched easily and absorbed moisture leading to warping and delamination.

Solution: Clad Rex’s vinyl clad Poly-Core (extruded polypropylene) panels solve each of these problems. The half-inch thick fire retardant, water-resistant core is rigid and light weight which makes the panels easy to install with no warping. The vinyl exterior surface is flame spread certified, scuff, scratch and dent resistant.

Customer: Drinking fountain manufacturer

Product Challenge: Needed to enhance the scratch resistance of its fountain under-body, reduce noise emissions from its motor/pump, and eliminate condensation created by its internal cooling unit which was forming on the external unit body.

Solution: Vinyl clad manufacturer, Clad Rex provides superior performance in all three areas. Its vinyl and steel sandwich form dampens noise, the outside vinyl layer doesn’t allow condensation (painted metal does) and the much thicker and tougher vinyl exterior is vastly superior to painted metal for scratch resistance.

Customer: Food service / dining equipment manufacturer

Product Challenge: Finding a surface material for its rounded counter top bar area that was easy to wipe clean, impervious to liquor/bleach/harsh cleaning agents, easy to form to rounded shapes, had high resistance to wear and scratches, and had an attractive decorative appearance.

Solution: Clad Rex chose a deep embossed, faux black leather vinyl material which has the look and feel of real leather but is easy to clean and does not deteriorate when contacted with liquor or cleaning agents. Its’ vinyl clad metal also provided excellent wear and scratch resistance performance relative to competing materials.

Customer: Leading appliance manufacturer

Product Challenge: Needed a structural product to wrap around its high end wine refrigerators which get installed directly into kitchen cabinet units. The primary objectives were to reduce noise levels from the units’ motors, eliminate condensation from harming the adjacent wood cabinets, and provide a protective skin for its product.

Solution: Clad Rex’s vinyl clad metal provided a resilient exterior protective wrap while its vinyl clad sandwich construct provided superior noise dampening and condensation-free results, which painted metal cannot achieve.

Customer: Large portable space heater manufacturer

Product Challenge: The customer required an exterior surface for its product which was aesthetically pleasing, could absorb the heat the unit generated while providing a safe-to-touch exterior surface, and was scratch resistant.

Solution: Clad Rex’s metal and vinyl bonded material absorbed the heat with its interior steel wall and provided an exterior surface which consumers could touch without being burned. It produces the product in both a wood grain pattern and a deep embossed, black leather vinyl.

Customer: Major medical equipment manufacturer

Product Challenge: The customer made a stainless steel rolling medical cart which required an exterior wraparound surface to its waist-high tray area that could withstand bumps, abrasions and scratches. This tray area also needed to withstand blood and fluids, be impervious to being cleaned with a wide variety of chemicals, and have anti-microbial characteristics.

Solution: Clad Rex produced a three inch wide white vinyl clad metal strip to be the cart’s exterior surface at the tray level, with the customer continuing to use stainless steel for the remainder of the cart. This vinyl surface can withstand the inevitable collisions and bumps, does not absorb blood or other fluids, can be cleaned with nearly any chemical and return to its’ original white appearance and retain its’ product attributes.

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